About Us

Our approach

We are business leaders and psychologists who support leaders and their teams to embrace the human dimension of success in work and life.

There are four things that set Conder & Company apart:

  • Experience – our team offer practical advice and insights based on personal experience in senior leadership roles and gained from working with hundreds of executives on their personal and organisational challenges and opportunities
  • Rich holistic approach – we combine a deep understanding of the complexities of business with psychological insight into emotions, behaviours, and motivations of high performance teams
  • Evidence based – we include research from business and psychology that provides insights for individuals, teams, and organisations 
  • Extensive tool kit – we use proprietary tools such as  GIT Web, the 5 Ps, The De-railer/Accelerator Model and the Executive Transition Wheel to get under the skin of leaders and their people to help drive performance and potential while identifying people’s inner strengths, authenticity, and purpose.

Four principles underpin our approach – we keep them at the centre of everything we do.

  1. Optimising the people dimension of business success: understanding how leaders operate (and how the people they lead, feel, think, and behave) has the biggest impact on their performance, the success of the business and individual happiness and fulfilment and their success in every context. We prioritise this.
  2. Focusing on personal wellbeing: too many businesses prize overall performance above individual wellbeing and fulfilment. It’s simple – individual success equals organisational success. We recognise this.
  3. Prioritising impact on a personal level: when individuals know their passions, find their inner strengths and have a clear purpose and ambition, they are driven to behave and perform to their full potential. We unleash this.
  4. Supporting leaders to be authentic so that they flourish as impactful leaders, creating effective leadership and team dynamics. We celebrate this.

Let’s work together

At Conder & Company, we believe in the power of ‘company’ and recognise the value of working with others with the right mix of complementary experience to support every client with a problem or a business opportunity. You can be reassured that we have a large network of accomplished professionals with whom we partner collaboratively.   

What unites us is a shared philosophy on the importance of wellbeing and how individual success contributes to organisational success.

At the heart of this are powerful insights into how people think and behave. We can help our clients build new habits founded on their strengths,  enabling them to stay authentic and not dilute their underlying personal traits. Collectively our team believe in the fundamental importance of ‘social intelligence’ – how our success and happiness comes from being part of a collaborative team. We are better together.

What you can expect

We will design a programme for you based on evidence-based research and proprietary models but importantly we bring our business experience and that of working with hundreds of businesses. We tailor the content, stories and examples to fit your audience and the business context.

Our four step approach:

Four Step Approach number sequence 1,2,3 and 4

Aspiration – helping you gain clarity on what you are aiming to achieve and where you are at risk from not having the right psychological capital in your leaders and people to respond to your current opportunities or future plans

Design – deciding whether one of our standard programmes will be appropriate or which combination of tailored modules would best fit your needs and how we can use our team, experience, research and stories to empower your leaders and people

Action – we will equip your people at all levels with skills in thinking and behaving and empower them to experiment and build new habits so that they become more successful as people and are energised and equipped to deliver for your business.

Impact – working with you to assess the impact on your people and benefits to your business.

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