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Now more than ever, many people are losing their jobs, others are finding that their businesses are restructuring and their roles are significantly changing, so it is imperative that they reinvent themselves. Coupled with the challenging situations in our work and home lives, many people have lost the things that would normally give their life meaning and are struggling to keep focused and motivated, while not being able to envisage their future. Many are finding they are feeling threatened which is reducing their normal state of well-being and negatively impacting their fulfilment and performance at work.

Do you need you need to prepare yourself to respond to future challenges and opportunities in an agile way and accelerate your impact or you have a new role where you need to ‘hit the ground running’?

Embracing your next big move or Third Act Programme

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

With group workshops and one-to-one coaching as core elements, this programme focuses on supporting people to transition effectively to the next phase in their career. For some it’s to their next big role for others it’s to their  ‘third act.’  This typically describes people transitioning from a ‘big job’, where moving into a time of personal fulfilment and deeper meaning becomes more important.

Why this matters

You are now centre stage. The programme will help you understand yourself better and define what is important to you and how you really want to spend your time, energy, and money. It covers questions such as: What are your passions and how will you use your strengths to deploy them on activities that excite or inspire you?

This is a key time for addressing how your relationships will evolve and which relationships and networks will be important to you. At the core of this programme is the desire to help you understand what really shapes your identity, who you are as a person and what does a life well lived look like to you. We use a range of models such as Executive Transition Wheel, a research- based tool for how people transition successfully and the 5Ps model for wellbeing.

You can choose supplementary areas which include helpful strategies to strengthen both your emotional and physical wellbeing with the contribution of a medical advisor or a personal trainer. There is an optional session on financial wellbeing to plan for future peace of mind and align your financial strategy to your life strategy, managing your specific financial risks. 

What benefits can I expect?

Clarity and conviction about what the next phase of your life holds for you as well as the confidence to pursue – and adapt to – a new direction. This could be the most fulfilling and enriching chapter of your life.

You will also become more aware of how your choices will impact on your friends and family and consequently feel empowered to make changes. Investing in a programme of self-reflection will result in informed decisions fuelled by deeper self-knowledge and a purposeful shift in intentions and motivations. Our experienced team will help you extract the potential from every scenario for a positive outcome.

The ten modules of the Third Act programme include:

  1. Finding purpose and fulfilment
  2. Knowing your strengths and passions
  3. Telling your story and creating your legacy
  4. Creating a new identity
  5. Experimentation and helpful mindset shifts
  6. Your evolving relationships
  7. Designing a future of possibilities
  8. Turning potential disruptors into enablers that become your new habits
  9. Physical wellbeing, keeping healthy and energised
  10. Financial wellbeing and future peace of mind

To find out how to approach transition with confidence, get in touch with our team to discuss next steps or email to arrange an exploratory call.