Navigating Business Change

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Do your people have the psychological agility to adapt and align their thinking and behaviour to your critical business changes, enabling new ways of working and collaboration between teams?

The Critical people dimension

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!”—

Peter Senge

Why this matters

This insightful programme offers coaching for HR, Transformation and Change Directors, focusing on the people dimension of complex business change, and working with individuals, leaders and teams. It encompasses a pragmatic coaching style, providing valuable advice on implementing change programmes, which navigate the organisational environment; strategy, structure, process and the cultural enablers and de-railers.  

An important part of our philosophy is that if people do not buy in, feel involved and get engaged in change, they will ignore it, resist it or undermine it. Equally if people do not understand it and resist embracing new thinking to influence how they work, change does not happen for the individual or for the organisation.  

At the heart of our approach is the critical element of enabling new ways of working and collaboration between teams.  With a focus on mindset and behaviour change, we also embed new sustainable habits. We bring clarity, depth of insight and the ability to help your teams adapt and respond to complexity and ambiguity.

What benefits will I get?

You can expect the following elements within the programme.  As seasoned change consultants, we coach and advise change leaders to;

  1. Avoid ‘pitfalls’ and learn from the experience of hundreds of change leaders in successfully navigating change
  2. Lead with clear communication on the purpose of the change and enable all stakeholders to understand ‘what’s in it for them.’
  3. Operate holistically within the context of the organisation; strategy, processes, people and culture
  4. Bring deep expertise in the area of HR, talent and business change processes
  5. Develop leadership behaviours to align to project outcomes and personal aspirations so that leaders ‘walk the talk’
  6. Build an organisational culture to encourage certain behaviours and discourage others
  7. Generate ownership and commitment to the change linking to people’s motivations
  8. Assess and mitigate risks relating to talent and capabilities
  9. Promote and embed new ways of working and collaboration between teams for effective and sustainable relationships
  10. Consider motivation and wellbeing, focusing on what people need to do and how they need to behave to deliver the desired outcomes of the change.

We coach change and transformation directors and provide webinars for teams that focus on the human dimension, paying attention to the important people aspect of the transition which is vital to deliver a successful change for people and the business.

If you are ready to make transition easier for your people, get in touch or email find out more about what we can offer. We’ll start with a virtual meeting to help you identify exactly what you need.