Mental Fitness

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Are you building your psychological assets and are your leaders and people equipped with the skills and capability for mental fitness?

Mechanisms for achieving success and happiness in work and life – building psychological assets for organisations and their people.

Many leaders are not equipped with the skills to guide and motivate teams for mental fitness in a challenging and uncertain environment.

“Probably the biggest insight… is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy.”

Ed Diener

This series of masterclasses educates leaders and their teams to help them understand and dig deeper into the human dimension of happiness, success and performance. The sessions provide an understanding of, and strategies and tools for, managing human emotions, mindsets, motivation and behaviours to achieve optimal wellbeing. They build mental fitness with practical tools and techniques, supported with stories and examples to demonstrate how to develop mental fitness.

As we move to the new world of work, with a combination of virtual and the office, there has never been a better time to provide education in mental fitness to help people be more successful and increase their happiness and overall wellbeing. My prediction is that the best companies to emerge during this time will be those that build capability in their leaders and people to genuinely care about their people.   

Why this matters

Now more than ever is the right time to reposition corporate well-being programmes to include ongoing sustainable strategies for optimal happiness and success at work and in life and to build psychological assets for everyone.
Many of the things that would normally give our life meaning are currently off the table as we evolve into the new normal. Some people are struggling to keep focused and are finding the intensity, combined with not being able to envision the future, is now triggering their brain into threat mode. When this happens, it can reduce our normal state of positive wellbeing and impact our motivations and performance at work. It can also trigger the need for strategies and tools that we might previously have thought not relevant to us. In today’s environment, paying lip service to wellbeing and lacking the right mindsets and behaviours to show genuine concern for people, is no longer sufficient to deliver solid business results.

What benefits can I expect?

This series of masterclasses focus leaders and their teams on topics that are currently at the top of their agenda, helping them to understand and dig deeper into the people dimension. They provide an understanding of, and strategies and tools for, managing emotions, mindsets, motivation, and behaviours to achieve optimal wellbeing, performance and success for everyone.

The best companies to emerge during this time will be those that have supported people to build capability in positive wellbeing and enabled psychological assets.  Will yours be one of them?

The five modules include:

  1. Knowing your purpose in uncertain times
    How to connect to what is important to you to enhance your motivation contribution and overall happiness.
  2. Your perspective has the biggest impact on the quality of your life
    Techniques for managing your mindset for positive wellbeing
  3. Emotional intelligence is more important now than ever
    Harnessing your skills to manage your own emotions and forge stronger relationships
  4. Adaptability and agility with cognitive and emotional flexibility
    Thinking strategies to respond flexibly, innovatively and optimistically
  5. Connective intelligence for more cohesive high performing teams
    Having quality conversations for a more energised, collaborative and effective team
  6. Building high performing teams in a virtual environment with high levels of trust
    Strategies for overcoming the limitations of communicating, learning, collaboration and creativity in a hybrid world.

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