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As they become more senior are your women leaders feeling confident enough to play to their strengths, to achieve their ambitions and lead with authenticity?

Ambition, Authenticity and Achievement (AAA) Women in Leadership Programme

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

Marshall Rosenberg, Nice Girls don’t get the Corner office

“It is time we women stopped worrying about being “too this” or “too that” and instead focused much more on getting the job we want. Focus on understanding what works for you, including when you are at your most energetic and effective.”

Helena Morrissey is a former CEO, mother of nine, founder of the 30% club and author of ‘A Good Time to Be a Girl.’

This insightful programme enables senior women leaders to identify what has contributed to their success so far and to think about and plan what they can do to progress into their next stage of their career to achieve their ambitions.

It centres around global, evidence-based research relating to the challenges women face as they become more senior and how they can realistically and authentically increase their chance of success and fulfilment. We look closely at research into how society shapes our view of women and how it influences behaviour and debilitates or enhances performance – and how the plasticity of our brains can change this.

Why this matters

This is a programme that will lead to change, fortifying participants and propelling them towards the next step.

Join us, and you will have a chance to reflect on your own experience and listen to stories, anecdotes and insights from successful women so that you can choose how you want to experiment in order to reenergise and relaunch yourself with energy and passion and to optimise your impact. You will gain from using a number of proprietary models developed from working with hundreds of women leaders such as the WEB of gender influenced tendencies which goes deeper into really understanding some of the typical differences between men and women and the qualities that enable women to be successful and happy at work and in life.

What benefits can I expect?

The sessions include practical actions women can take with respect to their thinking and behaviours; those that are empowering and those that are limiting. Understanding this allows women to feel more connected to who they are, how they see themselves as a leader and how to leverage their unique combination of strengths to differentiate themselves as they become more senior in order to achieve their ambitions with authenticity. 

Ultimately, it will equip and fortify you to proactively progress in your career with a clear idea of the value and contribution that you make, as a woman.

Take a look at what the eight modules of the Ambition, Authenticity and Achievement programme include: 

  1. Research on what makes women successful and how society impacts who we become
  2. The web of gender influenced tendencies – such as people pleasing, conflict avoidance, fear of failure, self-doubt, perfectionism and risk avoidance
  3. The evidence for a shift to a more feminine style of leadership
  4. Leveraging your unique combination of strengths
  5. Self-confidence, imposter syndrome and stereotype threat
  6. Developing your unique style with Authenticity
  7. Turning De-railers into Accelerators – delegation, operating strategically, developing mutually beneficial partnerships, collaborative negotiation, developing gravitas, self-promotion, embracing courage and risk-taking,
  8. Owning your power and ambition

Move forward with confidence. Don’t you (or your teams) deserve to be happier and more successful in work and life? Leverage the power of being a woman in your career. Email sue@conder.co to find out more about how to make this happen.