What our clients say …

The sessions are direct, challenging and insightful. Sue skill-fully draws out and encourages participants to share their experiences and learn from others whilst introducing practical tools and guidelines for success. 

The series provides a powerful introduction and playbook to help navigate and lead your people in these dynamic and ever-changing times.

Global Business Change Leader , Diageo PLC.

The webinars were exactly what we needed to support our leaders and their people with their role challenges and wellbeing at this difficult and uncertain time.

CEO, Engineering and Electrical products organisation

Hugely impactful working with senior leaders. Designs and facilitates programmes that create insight. Sue's facilitation skills and expertise on supporting executives achieve impressive organisational and individual change.

Brett Walsh, Human Capital, Deloitte

Sue is a warm, intelligent and insightful coach and presenter. She can hold the attention of the audience and deals very effectively with challenges and questions from senior participants who are not afraid to speak their mind. She is excellent at engaging an audience – too many presenters either lecture or provide facilitation but without any real content or value. Sue avoids these extremes, providing the perfect balance of content, facilitation and provocation. She is adept at structing complex concepts and messages in a straightforward and memorable way.
Neville Howard, Partner, Deloitte

Neville Howard, Partner, Deloitte

I found the academic rigour both comforting and confidence-building to understand I am not alone in displaying some of the traits or behaviours that we discussed. I liked the hints and tips and tools that were shared at the workshop.  They were all very practical and implementable which for me was a major win and indeed I have used some of them.

Claire Wood, Clients and Industries Function Lead, Deloitte

I have found the sessions transformative in the way I personally approach workplace challenges. I have been able to use what I have learned not only to help myself but also to help other women deal with professional frustrations and problems. Sue has an approach which is pragmatic and far-reaching – she ensures you go away from the sessions with just enough material to set realistic goals that you can actually put into practice as well as helping you to change your mind set for the long term.

Sally Gouttebroze, NSE Cyber Acceleration Programme Manager, Deloitte LLP

The Authenticity, Ambition and Achievement  workshop was really valuable for me –  I made changes straight after the workshop. It has made me really think about how I engage with my leadership team and helped me to challenge more without feeling emotional or uncomfortable about putting my opinion forward. It has also helped me to say more without feeling guilty! I have used the ‘derailers’ model in coaching with more junior leaders in my team. Your bringing the group together and bringing theory & evidence to the group really supported us to challenge and change our own behaviours.

Nicola Woodcock, Director - Finance Operations, Finance and Legal

The event led by Sue was quite simply the most impactful course I have been on in so many ways. I’m not overstating my feelings when I say it has changed my life and the way I think about the future.

As a direct result of the session, I now consider retirement as ‘the next chapter’, not just the end of my working career; I now look to it with excitement, not fear.

It has lit a flame in me to consider what really makes me happy and how I pursue that happiness when I leave the firm.

Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Sue is an experienced coach and facilitator who brings her whole experience of executive development and pragmatic expertise of consulting with numerous organisations into the room. My sessions with Sue were deeply energising and thought-provoking and forced me to think about what would be fulfilling and meaningful for me in the next phase of life. Sue relates well to senior leaders, bringing together a mix of warmth and challenge. The session led me to ask some hard questions of myself and go out of my comfort zone. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Mark Tantam, Global Head of Consulting, Ince

Sue brings the right combination of research rigour, asking questions and probing with a depth of expertise in understanding people and organisations.  She brings together a mix of business and psychological insight grounded in practical experience and ability to challenge your normal patterns of thinking to grow as an individual and business leader.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

HR Director, Property company