At Conder & Co., we specialise in ways to strengthen and support senior leaders and their teams through Executive and Leadership Facilitation, Masterclasses, Webinars and Workshops, Coaching & Mentoring.

Our focus is on enhancing relationships: with personal experience of the challenges leaders face, we understand how mindsets and behaviours can impact on purpose, priorities and performance.

Below you’ll find programmes that will empower you to nurture, support and develop your teams to maximise business outcomes. We will help you make a difference. Find out more about our approach here.

All the services and programmes we deliver are tailored to your organisation and intended audience. They focus on seven key areas which we’ve listed below:

Wellbeing mechanisms for achieving success and happiness in work and life

Navigating Business Change

The Chemistry of Difference – A new paradigm for inclusion

Woman in Leadership – Ambition, Authenticity and Achievement (AAA) – Women in Leadership Programme

Connective Intelligence – High contributing teams

Executive coaching Reboot – The Executive Edge Programme

Career Transition – Embracing your next big move or Third Act Programme

The Human Leader – Being a great leader today is leading from a deep place of humanity

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch. We’ll start by arranging a virtual meeting to help you assess what you need so that you choose the right solutions. We believe in the power of working initially with senior leaders, so they are committed to supporting and providing a source of inspiration to their people.

All our services have been developed with evidence-based research and experience of working with hundreds of leaders and businesses. However, we prefer to understand your business context rather than deliver to you as a generic suite so that we can tailor to content to specific opportunities, challenges. targets and culture this mean we can also tailor more practical examples that people will relate to better and hence get enormous benefits. Please see our about section to hear more about how we work.

We provide highly interactive webinars for leaders and their teams.

The webinars are typically one hour each and can be delivered to different groups of people, team leaders, intact teams, or larger numbers but we would discuss what would work best in an exploratory conversation.

The webinars provide a common language, a supportive team environment and the additional benefit of building better quality relationships and trust in a team or group of people – all of which are much more important now than ever before. 

Importantly, we also provide follow-up webinars to support people in embedding the tools and strategies so that people can experiment back in the workplace and be supported in adapting new ways of thinking and responding to today’s challenges and opportunities.  

The sessions would be tailored with examples and stories appropriate for your business context. Ideally, we talk to one or two people from the business to understand the important issues and opportunities for the organisation and any significant changes that are impacting your people.

Contact us to find out more.