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Have you reached the stage where you need to gain better clarity on your priorities, learn how to play to your strengths, be authentic and have the impact you desire?

The Executive Edge Programme

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.”

Tony Robbins

Like many executives, you may reach a point where you need time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that you are facing. The demands of the business environment often means we need to transform the way we operate. We may reach a stage where we need to gain better clarity on our priorities or reenergise ourselves for ‘who we want to be’ and the impact we want to have. For some executives getting a new role means accelerating their impact to ‘hit the ground running’ with a clear sense of what type of leader they are or want to be. They may also need a robust plan of action to deliver their contribution, often to a complex network of stakeholders.

Why this matters

Responding to future challenges  and opportunities in an agile way has never been more important. Many executives have yet to clearly articulate for themselves how they want to contribute and why they do what they do. This typically means having a purpose that is meaningful to them, knowing what drives them, playing to their strengths, and building highly effective team dynamics with their people and networks. Today’s leaders need to embrace emotional and cognitive agility to navigate effective transformational change.

What benefits can I expect?

You will reboot your motivation and your strengths. At a time when organisations are placing increasing importance on enhancing the wellbeing and contribution of  their people, empowered executives are aligning success and happiness in work and life.

Your confidence and authority will grow as you explore dynamic ways to consolidate your leadership style. As well as deep insights from research into the mindsets and practices of inspirational leaders, you will benefit from our coaches’ own experience of working with leaders from diverse backgrounds, which includes showing resilience when leading in ambiguous and uncertain times. Often small shifts in mindset and behaviour make a big difference.

Some of the typical areas we explore include:

  1. Exercising the power of your strengths and authenticity
  2. Knowing your purpose and what really drives you
  3. Deploying transformation leadership to drive change with agility and impact
  4. Making an impact by exercising exceptional business judgement and decision-making with emotional and cognitive flexibility
  5. Developing your specific leadership style to have the impact that matters to you 
  6. Ensuring your strengths don’t become weaknesses as you adapt to changing business conditions and build strategies for preventing derailment
  7. Having the right team structure and capabilities to support you in what you are aiming to achieve
  8. Building highly effective interpersonal dynamics and people leadership
  9. Developing organisational savvy and building networks, partnerships, and sponsors
  10. Knowing your most important stakeholders and how you are collaborating and optimising your value to them
  11. Strengthening the resilience of your teams and building a culture that drives performance and focuses on the people dimension

Shake up the way you approach your role to gain the maximum results for your organisation – and deeper fulfilment for yourself. Start today by emailing sue@conder.co to find out more.