Career Transition Masterclasses

Currently, there are many drivers for the need to reinvent one’s working life

For some people, particularly those mid-career, the pandemic is causing them to think about how they want to live their life and given the current economic environment, others are thinking about reinventing their future as they leave organisations. This series of webinars is for leaders and businesses who wish to support their people to successfully transition into the next stage. Many senior leaders or HR directors who have supported their people over the last six months are also wanting to support them on their exit to something different. In these unprecedented times, outplacement or changing role needs to look different.

In our webinars many participants find it helpful to work alongside others as they start to think deeply about how they will spend their time and energy.

People can find it surprisingly difficult to answer such questions. The sessions do not only support transition to the next rung on the career ladder but stimulate thinking more broadly about the changing nature of work and how people will reinvent themselves in their work and wider life.

The sessions explore our experience of working with hundreds of executives and reveal some red flags that show it is vital to do some robust thinking at the right time so that you make the right choices and decisions to avoid regret further down the road and bring meaning, happiness and wellbeing which given the changing environment we are all in are now more important than ever.

We cover important questions such as:

  • What do you really want, what is important to you and why is it important?
  • What are you passionate about, what inspires you and what are your hopes and fears?
  • What are you really good at, what are your non–negotiables and what do you really ‘stand for’?
  • Will you reinvent yourself or pivot to something aligned but different, using skills and strengths you have used in the past?

Our sessions significantly explore how much of your identity is intertwined with your work. Many executives have been surprised how much a big job or brand impacts their self-identity. Some feel that their work gives them a sense of purpose and is a big part of how they think of themselves. Some executives have talked about being institutionalised and for a long time afterwards still say ‘I used to be’ rather than embracing their new focus. We also explore the importance of revamping your relationships. Many executives don’t realise how their key relationships change so quickly or how much they got from their work relationships.

Finally, we enable participants to discover any potential disrupters and enablers such as maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing. Many executives spend time on financial planning for their ‘third act’, a time of more meaningful contribution and fulfilment but ignore the fact that their life plan and financial plan are only effective when interconnected. The focus is on experimentation and action, as well as creating new helpful new ways of thinking and being.

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