Women in Leadership Masterclasses

To enable senior women leaders to identify what has contributed to their success so far and to think about and plan for what they can do to successfully Achieve their Ambitions with Authenticity as they become more senior.

The proportion of men and women in the workplace is equal, however, women are consistently still underrepresented at senior levels.

Many businesses could do more to educate women on the behaviours that could inadvertently be holding them back. At Conder and Co we have reviewed a high volume of research in this area and collated stories from hundreds of men and women executives from middle management to board members, identifying what has held them back and what has enabled them to be successful. Our AAA (Ambition, Authenticity and Achievement) programme is a series of webinars aimed at women in their mid-thirties to executive level although in some cases it may be helpful to consider the possible barriers before they get so far up the corporate ladder and  find themselves in a cul-de-sa.

This series of webinars will share global evidence-based research and interviews from hundreds of executives on the challenges for women as they become more senior and how they can increase their chances of success with authenticity.

The AAA programme focuses not on playing the men’s game but understanding some typical differences in behaviour, how to play to your unique combination of strengths and develop a broader repertoire of styles while remaining authentic.

Topics include:

  • What makes women successful?
  • How society impacts what we think and who we become 
  • Developing helpful mind-sets and behaviours
  • Leveraging your unique combination of strengths
  • Knowing the ‘rules of the game’ and turning possible ‘De-railers’ into ‘Accelerators’
  • Knowing and developing your own unique style and being authentic
  • Owning your power and ambition

The sessions are aimed at providing research to share knowledge on successful leaders and using this knowledge to decide how to leverage their toolkit of ways of leading and working which are core to their identity.  We explore any habits of an unhelpful ‘inner voice’, that may have developed from negative societal messages. A proprietary tool will be explored, the ‘Web of Gender influenced tendencies’ © which includes patterns such as; people pleasing and concern for what others think, avoidance of conflict in relationships, tendency to self-doubt, fear of failure, perfectionism and risk aversion. The webinars also explore how these patterns can translate into obstructive behaviours in the workplace which can inhibit women from reaching their potential. Our turning De-railers into Accelerators model © covers patterns such as:  doing it all versus delegation; undervaluing politics versus developing mutually beneficial partnerships; expecting work to speak for itself versus self-promotion; overvaluing expertise versus operating strategically; avoiding confrontation versus collaborative negotiation and lower status speech and behaviour versus influencing with gravitas and executive presence.

The webinars give participants a chance to reflect on the material and insights in relation to their own experience so that they can shape different ways of thinking and behaving that will be advantageous for their progression. Experimentation is encouraged after the session, as is focusing on a clear sense of who you are and where you’re heading, challenging your personal narratives and stories so that you can leverage your unique combination of strengths in order to have more fun and be happier as well as more successful.

If you’re keen to hear more about our webinars and coaching to support your women leaders, get in touch on letstalk@conder.co

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