Executive Coaching Reboot Masterclasses

The demands of the business environment often mean we need to transform the way we operate as leaders.

Many executives are needing to change role, transitioning to different roles or are facing new demands in their current role. Many are reaching a point where they need time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities ahead and sense a need to gain better clarity on their priorities or reenergise themselves for ‘who they want to be’ and the impact they want to have. For some executives, getting a new role means accelerating their impact to ‘hit the ground running’ and bring new skills and leadership styles that they have previously not been required to demonstrate. They may also need a readjusted robust plan of action to deliver their contribution, often in a new operating environment and with a complex network of stakeholders.

Our coaching is founded on working in a psychologically and business informed manner and using our international business experience to help individuals steer the complexities of organisational life in order to achieve both their ambitions and benefits for their business.

Possible themes to cover in our virtual coaching sessions include:

  • Framing short and long-term aspirations
  • Defining a clear sense of purpose and meaning for your career and how it fits in with your life holistically
  • Leveraging your unique combination of strengths and ensuring your strengths don’t become weaknesses as you adapt to changing business conditions and build strategies for preventing derailment
  • Developing solid strategies for strengthening your executive presence and managing your own personal brand
  • Identifying and understanding your critical key stakeholders and how to build the right relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Assessing the key capabilities and talent in your team and developing a people and talent management strategy
  • Confronting difficult issues in a way that builds and preserves relationships rather than damaging them
  • Building a high-performing team with high levels of trust, collaboration, accountability and positive relationships as well as high levels of wellbeing.
  • Understanding how your communication style helps or hinders your leadership and developing your style to be as effective as possible in strengthening relationships and wider a network of partners
  • Embracing emotional and cognitive agility to navigate effective transformational change and leading change by engaging and motivating people to personally transition to new ways of working to drives the required results and success for both you and your team.
  • Making an impact by exercising exceptional business judgment and decision-making while dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Shifting  organisational culture to be more purpose driven and aligned to new required ways of operating in the business. 
  • Leading and working authentically

If you need support to respond to current challenges and opportunities and align the strength and motivations and capabilities through one to one coaching or webinars, please get in touch on letstalk@conder.co

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