Human Leader programme

Research by Cameron et al. at the University of Michigan, showed that when leaders adopt a human-centered approach that that stresses cultures of respect, trust, compassion and wisdom, the performance of the business and the wellbeing of the people increases.

The world has changed and what we expect from our leaders has changed. With the inevitable surge in hybrid this adds another dimension to the need for a different way of connecting. Understanding and embracing the humanness of your organisation could be what sets you apart.  The foundation for leadership today therefore is about relating to people as humans rather than workers, with empathy and compassion.

Leading in this way creates positive relationships that enable people to flourish through empowerment, motivation, learning agility, psychological safety and developing an inclusive culture. If we shift away from task-orientation and towards relationship-orientation through high qualify connections, we tap into trust, motivation and of course discretionary effort as teams are motivated to achieve remarkable things together. 

Who is the programme aimed at?

It is aimed at leaders in their mid-thirties to executive level although in some cases it may be helpful to consider the critical leadership roles that have a differentiated impact on business success. Those leaders that have previously struggled with the people dimension will be particularly vulnerable to being derailed as we enter a new model of work. If leadership challenges are not addressed it is highly likely that it won’t take long before the demotivation and detachment of their teams becomes visible, impacting team performance and for become a barrier to their progression. It is highly likely these leaders will become derailed and suffer from low wellbeing as well as create a substantial risk for the business. The participants can be a leadership team or a mixed group from different part so the organisation.

The aim is also to create a strong cohort of human centred leaders who will most likely become the future senior leaders. Fundamentally it enables leaders to infuse a people focus into the business and build a dwindling sense of human connection.

How is the programme delivered? 

The masterclasses can be delivered in separate modules, or they can be delivered in half day or full day blocks if that is the preference.

  • The delivery is face to face or virtual
  • Use of highly interactive methods whether face to face or virtual
  • Use the buddy concept and peer to peer coaching to further explore the ideas and set goals to take practical actions
  • A workbook is also provided for individual reflection and action planning during and after the masterclasses

Optionally, one to one or team coaching can be provided to continue to support the participants in between or post the sessions. We also recommend peer to peer reciprocal coaching to continue to reflect and take action and build and sustain new habits and ways of thinking. The masterclasses give participants a chance to reflect on the material and insights from ‘real work’ experiences related to their own experience so that they can shape different ways of thinking and behaving that will be advantageous for them. Experimentation is encouraged in between seasons, as is focusing on a clear sense of who you are and where you’re heading, challenging their personal narratives and stories so that you can leverage their unique combination of strengths in order to have more fun and be happier as well as more successful.

If you need support to respond to current challenges and opportunities of developing ‘Human Centered’ Leaders and want to find out more are one to one coaching or webinars, please get in touch on

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