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Series of webinars and coaching for change leaders – Organisation don’t change, people do

We know that leaders and the HR team in progressive organisations have taken care of the wellbeing of their people during the pandemic; this needs to be complemented with enhanced skills for leaders in supporting their people through change. Many organisations are faced with drastic changes to their operating model and the way people perform their work, and in many cases the volume of work. Some people are struggling to keep focused with the unpredictability and some are finding it difficult to keep engaged and productive particularly if faced with new demands and challenges at work. Many find themselves feeling threatened and as a result feel unmotivated or even withdraw completely. Furthermore, employees are wrestling with personal challenges from chaotic home environments to unplanned career changes.

We can provide coaching to change leaders or a series of webinars to build new capabilities in supporting personal transition backed by findings from behavioural science that we have known for many years.

The sessions do not focus on the typical methods for people change management that identify the levers or influences that are hindering or enabling a change such as processes, structure, rewards or culture. Neither do we look at the typical linear structures and communication of key events and milestones impacting people. Many organisations are adept at planning their changes through traditional approaches to change management but change and transition are two quite different things and change often ignores the personal transitions that people go though. We have often been struck by the fact that change is typically concerned with structured planning, usually in a programmatic linear way which includes communicating and engaging with people. However, transition is the psychological process that people go through, requiring a psychological adaptation to something different, often requiring not just letting go of something and learning something new but shifting mind-sets and behaviours to adapt to the new environment. This is the focus of this webinar series and coaching.

In today’s world, we need to look internally at people’s thinking and motivations that are helping or hindering. The focus is to support leaders to prioritise much more how people are thinking, behaving and feeling by really connecting to the individual and guiding them to feel positive and secure. The webinars build psychological assets for people, teams and the organisation that will increase the likelihood of successful organisational change.  We focus on topics such as enabling people to feel psychologically safe. David Rock’s SCARF model is useful for managers to increase people’s acceptance and engagement with change by helping them create psychological safety. Another example is the Immunity to Change model by Kegan and Lahey useful to help people uncover underlying beliefs that may be getting in the way of their personal change. From our research and experience in this area, working on hundreds of change programmes, the webinars and coaching also use a proprietary tool for coaching change leaders that taps into the conditions for both mind-set and behaviour change: the 7 Es framework of engaging hearts and minds for sustainable change.

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