The Chemistry of Difference Masterclass

The new paradigm for inclusion is likely to be an important differentiator and give your organisation a competitive advantage.

With the current crisis and remote working, lack of attention to educating people about the importance of embracing the differences in people could damage businesses and the wellbeing of their people.

It is imperative we stop the diversity and inclusion agenda from declining in the virtual working environment. There has never been a better time to embrace a large range of different perspectives, traits and ways of leading and working to give you the necessary innovation, agility and competitive edge to move forward. Furthermore, in today’s virtual world, with dispersed teams, even with some people based in the office while others work remotely, it will also be much more difficult to be inclusive. The problem is we do not generally understand what these differences are and how they are both valuable and indeed complementary in a business environment.

This webinar is different in that it does not focus on unconscious bias and controlling managers’ behaviour. Studies show that this can activate bias rather than reduce it. Instead we focus on sharing evidence-based research aimed at increasing awareness and appreciation of differences. This includes research that many people are not aware of such as the evidence on the difference between the average tendency of a man and the average tendency of a woman: although significantly there is a bell curve and these patterns do not apply to all men or women.

We all know that that it’s harder to work with people who are different to us, and this is also confirmed by a wide range of research. Importantly, we rate people more highly if they are more like us and those who are different to the majority culture struggle most.

Being equal does not mean being the same. This webinar is inspired by my belief that crucially it’s not that one approach is inherently better but may be better in a specific situation. In combination, differences that are not always fully appreciated are  complementary to deliver business results and increasing awareness and appreciation is extremely motivating for people when they feel accepted and valued for who they are.

The webinar brings new insights to differences in the way people lead and work and how they complement each other to achieve success in today’s business environment.

The webinar includes a proprietary model, the Chemistry of Difference model © – outlining 10 ELEMENTS OF DIFFERENCE. It is based on hundreds of stories recounting the experience of women and men in the organisational context. Metaphorically speaking, I have compared differences in the way people think and behave with chemistry. Just as chemistry includes different elements, the human mind contains diverse characteristics that react differently when they come into contact with other characteristics, just like elements do.

This insightful webinar provides global, evidence-based research focusing on increasing awareness and understanding of how people think and behave differently in the areas we know are important for success. Area such as: solving problems, making decisions and assessing risks, leading, engaging and communicating with others, building relationships, negotiating, processing information, communicating with and leading others; and managing conflict and stress. Importantly, the webinar also explores the typical challenges people face depending on their patterns of thinking and behaving as they become more senior and how they can realistically and authentically increase their chance of success and fulfilment.

The webinar increases participants’ awareness of their own thinking and behaviours; those that are empowering and those that are limiting them and raises appreciation of their colleagues styles where absence of this insight may have impacted negatively on their relationships. It includes approaches and coaching tips to enable participants to feel more connected to who they are, how they see themselves as a leader and how to leverage their unique combination of strengths to differentiate themselves. Given the new insights, participants are able to experiment with a repertoire of styles to achieve their ambitions with authenticity.

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

Audre Lorde

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